▷When Prosecutors Are 'Innocence Deniers'

Lara Bazelon writes in Slate that prosecutors who won't admit mistakes are 'innocence deniers." She tells NPR's Scott Simon why she thinks some prosecutors actively work against justice.

Justin Merino

justin raymond merino founded kulturspace on a strong philosophy of collaboration and a belief that enriching our world with artistic, cultural and innovative visions can be done collectively, free from the limitations of a traditional brick-and-mortar operation.

over fifteen years of wide ranging international experience in management, design and cultural environments has gifted justin the skills needed to bring together the talents of creative professionals and designers.  most recently he cofounded the berlin student film festival (bsff) to spread the vision of inclusion and provide a platform to rising talents.

justin’s education is just as comprehensive. he completed business management studies at coc, a degree in design and visual communications from the university of pennsylvania, and in film & cinema from the university of london. he also studied project management at pinnacle p.d., exhibition design at node’s center for curatorial studies, and has participated in numerous educational programmes at the museum of modern art in new york. 

as a creative consultant justin has worked with mercedes-benz, deutsche telekom, adidas, dr. oetker, victorinox and others to harness and foster the force behind designers, strategists and creatives.  through a series of workshops and one and one support justin coaches berlin creative freelancers on how to navigate their career, develop a portfolio, build a client base as well as how to market and brand themselves. these days justin travels between berlin, tel aviv and his native los angeles developing kulturspace’s & bsff’s international presence, working with creative individuals and organisations to bring ideas to life.